The Stonewall Network provides programming and cultivates community that nuture excellence in leadership.  Created for high-performing leaders who want to grow in their overall effectiveness, in their sense of fulfillment, and in their capacity to create innovative and transformationa coporations, organizations, and teams, the Stonewall Network provides four core modes of ongoing engagment.  They are: 1-hour content-based workshops, 2-hour group mastermind sessions, 20- or 50-minute individual coaching sessions, and independent training and retreat opportunities.  Each of these four pieces are designed to be used together in a continuous learn-sythesize-act-reflect cycle, though each piece has stand-alone value for those who may not be able to commit to the experience in its entirety.

1-hour content-based workshops

The next 12 content-based workshops are organized into four overarching themes.  They are as follows:

Month One: Foundations – Your Purpose and Values

Your Organization as a System

MonthTwo: Introduction to Family Systems Theory and Homeostasis

Month Three: Being a Non-Anxious Leader and Overcoming Traps and Sabotage

Adaptive Leadership within a Complex System

Month Four: Introduction to Adaptive Leadership and Adaptive Systems

Month Five: Diagnoses – Getting on the Balcony

Month Six: Designing Interventions

You as a Transformational Leader

Month Seven: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Month Eight: Conflict, Change, and Conflict Transformation

Month Nine: Owning Your Calendar

Designing Transformational Strategies

Month Ten: Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Creativity

Month Eleven: Listening Campaigns

Month Twelve: Scenario Planning

Group-Mastermind Sessions

During these sessions, you as a participant will have the opportunity to raise a case study, scenario, or challenge for group input.  The Stonewall Network coach will facilitate these conversations, encourage leaders to utilize learned content, and provide group coaching.

Individual Coaching

Individual exectutive coaching is a thought-provoking, challenging, and creative partnership focused solely on you. Through coaching you have the opportunity to create personal and profiessional strategies in order to achieve that which is most important and most fulfilling for you.  This work may include identifying and working through obstacles, setting goals, creating action plans, and designing systems of accountability.  Coaching sessions may be either 20 or 50 minutes long and may occur at any time that is convenient for both parties.

Trainings and Retreats

Trainings and retreats will be offered periodically, facilitated by both internal experts and external organizations.  The topics for these may include, but are not limited to: emotional intelligence and human relations, conflict transformation, strategic planning and visioning, time management, developing team values and culture, anti-racism, and self care.  The time commitment for these ranges from a half-day to a full week.

Participation Options

The Stonewall Network operates on a continuous basis and is designed such that you can choose the experience(s) that best suit your time, financial, and growth needs.

Stonewall 1: Content workshops, mastermind group, and either 20- or 50-minute coaching sessions.

Stonewall 2: Content workshops and mastermind group.

A La Carte: Attend individual or groups of the content workshops.  Join the mastermind group.  Engage in individual coaching.  Sign up for a retreat or training.


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