Engaging discussion around the future of the Trans Community, particularly in the workplace

About this Event

Moderator Ashley T. Brundage, who speaks locally and nationally about her transition, workplace equality, leadership, and diversity & inclusion, will engage with our four panelists and dives into topics like:

What value would you place for businesses to include transgender people?

What message would you relay to a trans or nonbinary person hoping to advance in business, whether their own or in one already established?

How do we work to expand society’s knowledge on topics that might not reach one’s doorstep, but too often are at every step for transgender – especial those who are people of color?

What’s the most powerful hurdle you’ve encountered, personally or professionally? How did you surmount it?

How do we engage more people like ourselves trans and nonbinary people — and people different than us — potential allies — to be investing in the wellbeing of transgender people?

What is one lesson or mantra you carry as inspiration that you would like to share with others as an uplifting encouragement?


  • Erica Frazier
  • Karen Kendra Holmes
  • Mia Mason
  • Mateo de la Torre
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