Our Mission

What Moves Us

The Maryland LGBT Chamber of Commerce empowers and promotes the economic well-being of the LGBT+ community in the Maryland marketplace through education, networking and advocacy. As a vital link between government, businesses and our allies, the Chamber facilitates equality, prosperity and inclusivity for all members of the LGBT+ community.


Our Vision

Looking to the future

Our vision is to be the leader in the economic fabric of Maryland, working to unite LGBT+ professionals and businesses with business, government and community entities for the common goals of inclusivity, fairness and prosperity for all of our members in their business endeavors.


Current Board of Directors

Meet our Board Members

Terri Hett Board President

Rafael Ortiz Vice Chair

Ricky Adams Treasurer

Darlene Niccoli Secretary

Zhee Chatmon Member-at-Large

Kristoff Bannies Member-at-Large

Dean Falzone Member-at-Large

Jackie Garber Member-at-Large

Tony Hill Member-at-Large

Tina Jones Member-at-Large

Andrew Morsberger Member-at-Large

Emily Niccoli Member-at-Large

Many, many thanks to all the volunteers who have been working hard behind the scenes to build this Chamber!



Our Past Presidents and Leaders

David Imre, Chamber Co-founder and Executive Advisory Board Chair

Betsy Cerulo, Chamber Co-founder and Past President 2017 – 2018

Joan Cox, Past President 2018 – 2019

Tom Koerber, Past President 2019 – 2020